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imageWelcome to the savvyminds@work Blog!

About me:
I’m a career counsellor, full time co-op co-ordinator, handy-woman, social media student, full time single mother of 2 perfectly imperfect teenagers. I’m a foody and consider myself to be “Buddha Hippy” which I’m still exploring but essentially means I’m getting in touch with my zen inner hippy! I’m considering opening a coffee shop in the future and have secretly dreamed of being a food critic.

Career planning takes a measure of being in touch with who you really are, what makes you happy, your career goals, current and future life circumstances. In addition to this, you must approach your plan strategically according to market conditions.

This blog will share my point of view, my career planning goals, challenges and information that some people may find helpful. This blog is also helping me work on my professional goal of getting comfortable with social media and a personal goal of being more vulnerable (I recently read Brene Brown’s “Daring Greatly” and realize I have some work to do!)